Newbie Online Businesses Need to Be Honest, Reliable & Reactive

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Running any kind of business carries some element of risk to it.  Take the home hobbyist, lots of time on their hands, finds that they have a penchant for making lovely little wooden artefacts and nickknacks.  The family and friends all suggest they start to sell them and they get a stall at the local market on a Saturday and perhaps at the local craft fairs throughout the year.    I have always found that I am attracted to those folk with magnetic personalities and happy faces – good looking folk in fact.  That is one thing about online prescence, no one is seeing your face, unless you happen to like having it on show of course.  You generally have to invite interest in your products by another method – good marketing, lively presentation and immediate attention grabbing format.  Of course, once the product gets to be known and your reputation as a good sales person, honest, flexible and very customer focused is essential.  Those are the key factors for gaining good reviews and thus increasing interest.  You find that most online buyers scour the reviews – only the recent, unless there is an underlying problem to be researched from a few months ago of course.  If a customer does encounter a problem with an order from your business, it is critical that you are seen to be dealing with it quickly and as fairly as possible.  This sort of thing is vital for the good reviews to be maintained.