From One Man Band To That Top Industrial Magnate

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Business is such a huge subject – it spans just about every activity from trying to sell those home made craft items at your local bazzar, to running the largest mutli national comglomerate.  Anything that essentiall offers items for sale, goods, meals, services etc and charges someone else for them is running a business.   Again there are various ways of running that business too.  Charitiable groups sell millions of £ worth of donated clothes, shoes, bric a brac and a milion assorted other items per year but are run almost entirely by volunteers.  They are still charged with making as much profit as physically possible with no wastage and as little cost to them as possible.  Now that really is a big business.  To become a business man or woman you muyst have something to sell and be able to continue to supply that item, with others and any service that goes with it or them.  That transactional operandi makes one a business man. The receiving party who pays the bills is also a busines entity.  Of course the major companies in this country are all trading with the purpose of making the biggest profits they possibly can.  Top CEOs of these huge outfits are known as industrial magnate and other phrases.  They are essentially top banana in their field.